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Here are a few client testimonials about Dr. Tracy L. Skaer’s work on
medication errors, opioid overdose, drug toxicity, and drug interactions cases.

Dr. Tracy L. Skaer is a tenured Professor Emeritus of Pharmacotherapy and licensed pharmacist.

Dr. Skaer is a very knowledgeable academic researcher, accomplished author, and medication expert. Attorneys are very complimentary about her pharmacy expert reports and testimony, praising her clinical expertise, organizational skills, attention to detail, and understandability. Dr. Skaer is always well prepared to testify. She has excellent oral communication skills that help her excel during contentious depositions and courtroom testimony.

I have hired hundreds of experts in more than three decades of practice; many in high profile cases in multiple states throughout the United States. I want to single out Dr. Tracy L. Skaer as one of the best prepared, most focused, and most thoughtful experts that I have ever worked with.

Dr. Skaer was hired to review a very complex pharmacy injury case involving thousands of pages of documents. She was asked to produce a coordinate understanding of events that was scientifically unimpeachable and yet understandable to a lay audience. Dr. Skaer did so in an impeccably researched paper that was both technically astute and remarkably readable. She produced one of the most persuasive expert reports that I have ever had the privilege to use on behalf of very deserving clients.

Dr. Skaer also came well-prepared to a contentious deposition and spoke plainly and directly to the many nuanced issues raised in the case. I don’t believe you will find a more effective pharmacy consultant in the country. I give Dr. Skaer my highest recommendation.

Don C. Bauermeister

Friedman | Rubin Trial Lawyers

Dr. Tracy L. Skaer has served as an expert for several of my cases on issues of toxicology leading to the unfortunate death of two infants from overdoses of negligently prescribed medication. She was also instrumental in proving that a positive enzymatic test result administered in the emergency room of a large hospital was due to a combination of trauma resulting from the loss of both legs of the individual along with an history of chronic leukemia as opposed to alcohol use. Her extensive knowledge of the complexities of toxicology issues and the ability to address the same in a simple understandable manner led to the successful resolution of all the cases. I will not hesitate to use Dr. Skaer as an expert again on other cases as they arise.
Mark D. Kamitomo

The Markam Group Inc. PS

Dr. Tracy L. Skaer’s courtroom testimony exposed a regional telemedicine Medication Assistance Program’s overdose prescribing of Suboxone®; causing the death of a mother. Her expert report, opinions, and testimony were beyond reproach. Dr. Skaer’s expertise in evaluating the postmortem toxicology, drug metabolism, and the harm caused by the toxic dosing of Suboxone®, a sustained-release medication with active metabolites, was key to the seven-figure verdict imposed by the jury. Dr. Skaer’s skills were exactly what I needed for this case, and I would hire her again as a medication expert. I highly recommend Dr. Skaer for any pharmaceutical expert needs.
Torger S. Oaas

Oaas Law Offices

Dr. Tracy L. Skaer is an experienced medication expert witness who has testified many times by deposition and at trial. Her clinical pharmacy, academic experience, teaching, grant writing, and peer-reviewed research publications make her extremely well suited for pharmaceutical report writing and medication expert witness testimony.

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